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Stourport Sports Club boasts three artificial hockey pitches that are available to hire predominantly weekday evenings and weekends. The pitches are marked for Hockey but 2 of the pitches are also hired out for football with 7 a side goals available for these bookings.

We offer an all weather 8 lane 400m track with 10 lane main straight. Two shot putt circles, two jumping pits, a hammer and discus cage, high jump bed and a one direction pole vault.

The cycle circuit at Stourport Sports Club is 6m wide, 1.4km long and is a closed road circuit. The layout of the circuit incorporates shallow but long climbs and descents with technical elements as well as flat sections which collectively will test the strength and skills of those using the circuit.

The Dome is the only one of its kind in the region and provides indoor facilities that can be used all year round. Predominantly for netball, the Dome can also be used for tennis and other activities such as indoor athletics training.

Sports Booking Enquiry Form

Stourport Sports Club Limited – Conditions of hire for use of sports facilities


  1. Confirmation of booking:

      Facilities may be hired by completion of the official application form available from the club. A booking will only be considered as confirmed when both a signed completed application form, the appropriate non-refundable deposit has been received and your booking has been confirmed.

  1. Method of Payment:

      For sports bookings payment is required in advance. For one off/pay & play bookings the full amount will be due at the time of booking. Participants will not be permitted access to the sports facilities until payment has been received in full.

      Stourport Sports Club Ltd (hereafter SSC Ltd) is able to offer a VAT discount for any bookings of 10 weeks or more on all sports facilities booked by a school, club, association or an organisation representing affiliated clubs or constituent associations, such as a local league. The discount can only be applied to bookings paid in full. Please contact SSC Ltd for further details.

      For block bookings being paid for on a weekly basis, two weeks payment is required at the time of booking and then payment weekly from then on until the penultimate week. No payment will be required on the final week as long as all payments have been made.

      Terms and conditions of hire will be applicable to all bookings and will be strictly enforced unless agreed and specified in writing at the time the booking is made.

      SSC Ltd reserves the right to change facility prices, wherever possible reasonable notice will be given.

  1. Additional charges:

      The customer agrees to pay SSC Ltd for any food and beverage or other services not provided for in this contract but made available upon the request of the customer or one of their representatives.

  1. Users are required to:

      4.1. Adhere to all safety notices.

      4.2. Observe all the regulations within the facility and surrounding areas.

      4.3. Respect all equipment.

      4.4. Place all rubbish in bins provided.

      4.5. Finish all bookings at the stated time.

      4.6. Consider how their actions may affect other users.

      4.7. Report any damaged or broken equipment to SSC Ltd staff.

      4.8. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear in all facilities in line with the activity taking place.

  1. Cancellations:

      In the event of cancellation, the following charges will apply:

      Cancellation of sports bookings by the hirer must be made at least 7 days prior to the date of booking. Failure to do so will result in loss of booking fees.

      The management of SSC Ltd reserves the right to cancel any of the club bookings if a prestigious or one-off event is taking place. Sufficient notice will be given to clubs in this event.

      In the event of extreme weather conditions, it may be judged upon inspection by the Facilities Manager or their nominee that certain facilities are unsuitable for activity.

  1. Admission Rules and Regulations:

      6.1. The hirer is requested to inform staff if any persons attending their booked session have a disability that may require additional assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

      6.2. The facilities shall not be used for any other purpose, other than the purpose for which they are hired. The hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that the facilities are used in a responsible and proper manner and shall use his/her best endeavour to prevent loss or damage to SSC Ltd property.

      6.3. The Facilities Manager or their nominee, reserves the right to refuse admission or to ask disorderly or improperly dressed persons to leave.

      6.4. Smoking is not permitted in any facility.

      6.5. All accidents are to be reported to SSC Ltd staff immediately with the appropriate accident form completed.

      6.6. A designated adult must always accompany any person, or groups under the age of 18.    

  1. Bookings:

      7.1. All users should be suitably dressed to perform the activities they have booked.

      7.2. Shirts and trainers must be worn at all times.

      7.3. Hard shell helmets are to be worn at all times on the Cycle Track.

      7.4. When hiring the Cycle Track for competitive races only BC and LVRC registered competitions will be permitted. Proof of registration with the appropriate Governing body will be required by SSC Ltd.

  1. Insurance:

      8.1. SSC Ltd is not able to accept liability for loss or damage to property owned by or in possession of the customer whilst that property is on SSC Ltd premises.

      8.2. The customer is advised to arrange appropriate insurance cover at all times. The customer may also wish to consider cancellation cover. The hirer shall indemnify SSC Ltd against any loss, claims or damages, in respect of death or personal injury (other than death or personal injury caused by negligence of SSC Ltd, their servants or agents).

      8.3. The hirer should provide its own third party insurance indemnity cover for the period of the hire.

  1. Loss and Damage:

      The hirer will be fully responsible for all persons and property brought on to the premises and shall indemnify SSC Ltd from any loss or damage to property including property of SSC Ltd arising from the hire.

  1. Cars and Fly-Posting:

      If a member of staff has to be called out specifically to open the car parking facility a £50.00 charge will apply. Fly-posting of any kind is illegal and dangerous. It is unsightly and distracting to motorists. If such advertising is carried out, then it may result in the cancellation of your booking and the forfeiture of any deposit paid.

      For health and safety reasons please do not park on the Kingsway. This obstructs the view of motorists and pedestrians around the crossing.

      Please do not use the disabled parking bays at SSC Ltd unless you are displaying a blue badge.

  1. Pets:

      Guide dogs are the only pets that are allowed within SSC Ltd facilities.

  1. General:

      12.1. SSC Ltd reserves the right to refuse application for the hiring of the premises without being required to give any reasons for such refusal and to close or prohibit the use of facilities at its discretion and not be liable for any loss or expenditure incurred by the hirer arising from the cancellation.

      12.2. Broadcasting by sound or television recording by cine camera, video camera or photography shall not be permitted except for the express permission of the management.

      12.3. SSC Ltd reserves the right to cancel any block bookings where any participants are found causing damage to property, breaching SSC Ltd rules or offending any member SSC Ltd staff.

      12.4. SSC Ltd reserves the right to request a copy of the hirers’ current insurance cover for Public liability.

      12.5. It is the hirers’ responsibility for ensuring that they have adequate First Aid provisions as appropriate for their use of the facilities. First Aid will not be administered by the staff of SSC Ltd.

      12.6. Hirers’ are to ensure they have a Safeguarding Children/Child Protection Policy that is current and up to date with current legislation at all times. SSC Ltd reserves the right to request a copy of the policy at any time.

      12.7. The decision of a SSC Ltd representative is final.

      12.8. SSC Ltd may from time to time withdraw use of all or part of the facilities where and when deemed necessary for repair, maintenance, alteration, alternative use or for safety reasons.

      12.9. Your personal details will be retained by SSC Ltd  in accordance with our privacy policy. Your details will not be shared with any third party. Occasionally you may receive information regarding special offers or news from SSC Ltd if you have agreed to this. Our privacy policy can be found on our website: or you can obtain a copy by emailing

  1. COVID19:

      13.1 All users agree to abide by the latest Government advice related to Covid19

      13.2 Hirers and their session participants agree to abide by Stourport Sports Club protocol in relation to Covid19

      13.3 Hirers agree to provide a Covid19 compliant risk assessment for their booking

      13.4 Hirers agree to notify SSC of any confirmed case of Covid19 in an individual who has attended a session at SSC

      13.5 Hirers agree to maintain a track and trace register for their participants

      13.6 If the above conditions are not adhered to then SSC reserves the right to refuse access to the facilities to the intended hirer.




Pitch 1 Full Artificial (Hockey Bookings Only)



Pitch 1 Half Artificial (Hockey Bookings Only)



Pitch 2 Full Artificial (Sand Dressed)



Pitch 2 Half Artificial (Sand Dressed)



Pitch 3 Half Artificial (Sand Filled)



*Athletics Track – Individual Use



Athletics Track – Group use



Netball Court – Outdoor



Indoor Dome (per court)



Cycle Track – Exclusive – Training



Cycle Track – Exclusive – Racing



*Cycle Track – Individual Use



Floodlights – required on artificial pitches, athletics track and cycle track if hiring during limited light periods  



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